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Monday Poem: The Frozen Fields

The Frozen Fields We drift through mists that hide the day. The night will close in on us, and the cold Will make us huddle protectively inside. The rain will fall, almost frozen, hard Like the ice of sadness that freezes Then shatters the delicate heart of one Who has known love and seen it die Alone and uncared for, out in the frozen fields Of a time lost to it and bare of all traces Of the hearts it once held, beating together Inside itself, as though something so strong Could never be beaten or could ever die.

High on Our Only Hill

High on Our Only Hill Shall we look once at those closed days We shut up and turned our backs on? Should we let them go and watch them fall From some higher tower we have fortified Against all these ravages brought by time And by the vagaries of change and happenstance. To lay siege to this lonely tower We built up high on our only hill Where we would stand together to see The valleys of all our mistakes Spread out below us and the armies Massing there to lay siege to what we have Managed to salvage from…

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Furryparts and Documentaries

Cucumber Furryparts is undoubtedly the UK’s leading expert on presenting TV documentaries. From history documentaries about the prehistoric world, right through to current affairs documentaries about the political crisis of the moment, she is there on screen giving apparently thoughtful insights direct to camera. Of course, as most people know Furryparts began her career as a newsreader, where the major talent is an ability to read out loud without appearing to do so. Therefore, despite seemingly to be an expert on all matters from the ancient world to the modern one and from the arcana of ancient religions right through…

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A Floating Freedom

A Floating Freedom There are exceptions to all this. There are ways to break free From the hold of this world. A chance to step out into the sky And live among the clouds. A floating freedom taken on the wing. To go only where the winds go. Then – at night – a chance to fly Between all the stars and the moon. See the Earth spread out underneath Like a carpet covering everything That once held you tight against the ground.

Into the Promise

Into the Promise We go hand in hand and we need Nakedness and cold water to awaken us. It comes down from the mountain Where it lies through the winter as snow. In spring it flows with the promise Of waiting and we go down to the river To meet it. Together we will dive Into the new spring as it begins Bringing life to life once more. And we’ll swim In the promise of warmer days to come. And the green of life breaking free To bloom and grow around us once again. As the snows retreat back up…

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Under the Sky

Under the Sky When all these notions fall beneath the sky That covers us, while standing, waiting here For time to bring a deeper knowing, time we understand now why this rain still falls. We stand here looking out towards the stars, Not understanding distance, how it grows And changes over time and time again. This isn’t eternal, always changing too. Because we think we know about the time, And how each second passes far too slow We feel we know about eternity. Beyond us still and it remains unchanged. But there is movement turning through the sky, And changing…

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No Matter How Deep

No Matter How Deep This is a hand that takes the shape of holding To take the form of every precious moment Into itself to keep each instance bright And each significant one held so close, Still clutched so tight. Unwilling to release To watch the moment falling slowly down Into the river. Flowing time that churns Beneath this bridge, then lost. All swept Away, as passing days all roar on by Below us. Racing down towards that sea Of ages. Taking every river filled With flowing days far down and deep Within itself. It takes all we have lost…

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Sharing It all begins again, once more we find Ourselves still waiting, wondering if this Is where it will remain or what will change. It happens slowly and carefully now As though we’re making something newly bright And precious out of these once empty words. The time around us turns upon itself Always on the outside of us, as we exist Only within this one eternal moment. The rain is falling still outside, as day Dissolves into the night beyond our reach, Awareness, understanding and our time. This is the only time we have to hold Inside the narrow limits…

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