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The Reality-Based Community and its Enemies

Over the last few decades, it has become increasingly apparent, especially to self-styled progressives (sic) and ideological fundamentalists, that the current reality we inhabit is simply not good enough for them. This is causing increasing concern especially to those infected with politics who are obsessed with what they see as fairness and equality. Consequently, there are now increasing calls to replace this reality as soon as possible by one they can feel more comfortable inhabiting. Only yesterday, the spokesorganism from the radical environmentalist movement, The Eco-Taliban, Gaia Bunnykisser, released a new manifesto for when the Eco-Taliban party calls its next…

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A Real World Out There?

This world is not the world I remember. It has been some years, how many I do not know. But it goes beyond that. Changes over the time I’ve been away I could expect and understand. But this – these changes – go beyond mere alterations made by the passage of time. Something fundamental is different from this world to the one I left behind. It should be a matter of subtracting the year I left this world from the current one to give me an idea of how much time I lost while I was… away. But the calendar…

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Interesting Things: 15/09/2018

A miscellany of recent interesting links: Socialism Chic -- The Hot Fashion of Young Ignoramuses Stereotypes Are Often Harmful, and Accurate A Labour MP who won’t let Theresa May beat her on authoritarianism Yes Mr Jones, this is how democracy works Why students *heart* Stalin A Better Theory of the Human Soul Age is no Barrier Spelled out: The great degree swindle Carping about Amazon’s tax bill misses the point Women Attacking Men Is It Time to Regulate Social Media? Time is of the Essence or at Large The flight from feminism – why no one wants to work in…

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Interesting Things: 11/09/2018

A miscellany of recent interesting links: Killing the Planning System Will Indeed Save the High Street When Censorship Is Crowdsourced Can we reform our rancid political debate? Even High Street retailers don't think there should be an Amazon tax Feels of Steel Serena Williams has set back the cause of women’s equality See something, say nothing, do nothing:how the Grauniad became the Girthiad Down with compulsory calorie-counting! The Shamelessness of South Yorkshire Police Hate crime squads gobble up the cash as knife robbers roam free You don’t get to pretend you’re funny any more, Guardian fun-killers At least Herdwicks have the sense to get…

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Interesting Things 01/09/2018

A miscellany of recent interesting links: Of course we don't know what the AI algorithms do, that's the point of using them Diversity Quotas Kill Comedy Why can’t people in the UK access the website of the Arizona Daily Star? Why is a BBC executive calling for the removal of middle-aged white men from television? Why we need ‘free’ speech Frank Field - an odd fish but perhaps a great one? EU To End Daylight Savings Time – 0.02% Of Britons Voted Or Consulted The economic consequences of the culture war  

How Computers Became Ubiquitous

Fumigate Sockdrawer became the world’s foremost computer scientists at an unusually young age. He developed one of the leading software programs that became essential for every computer in the home or workplace in the early years of the internet. Sockdrawer was also instrumental in the growth of the internet from a hobbyist pastime to the essential service it is these days. There have been many discussions of the early days of the computer revolution and its pioneers before. However, even the more comprehensive histories have sometimes overlooked the role of Sockdrawer in the story of the computer. As more or…

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Interesting Things 21/08/2018

A miscellany of recent interesting links: Chatbot Is Political Correctness Killing Entertainment? Quote of the day...on the sugar tax Samizdata quote of the day Norms of Good Governance: Where Do They Come From? The New McCarthyism: Blacklisting in Academia The NHS as an elegant exposition of the failure of government Antisemitism. This is Britain we're supposed to be better than this. Mary Celeste: What Actually happened Aboard the Notorious Ghost Ship Jamie Oliver’s Cultural Appropriation of Jerk Rice For thousands of years men just had to accept failure, and get…

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Interesting Things 18/08/2018

A miscellany of recent interesting links: No, an Invitation to Debate Isn’t a Catcall Consumers will pick up the bill for an ‘Amazon tax’ on innovation Je Suis Boris If Straights Can’t Play Gays, Does That Mean Gays Can’t Play Straights? Skyfall - 12 Aug 2018 – Flickr 30 Album Covers Featuring Those Frightening Clowns From the “You Can’t Make this Stuff Up” Department… Why It’s Not OK to Hate Men Amazon didn't kill the high street and taxing online sales won't save it Economic Myths #11 – The Mixed Economy…

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Interesting Things 14/08/18

A miscellany of recent interesting links: Do Britain’s Muslims Have a Right Not to be Offended? Boris And The Burka – To Be British Is To Take The Piss Out Of Everything Rowan Atkinson hits the nail on the head yet again Phil Hammond's misunderstanding the rates problem and Amazon Sam Gyimah: The Minister for Philistinism On Boris, Burqas and the Quest for Unity 7 Most Famous Mythical Places On “Real” Socialism Nobody Should Listen to Twitter Mobs  

Interesting Things 11/08/2018

A miscellany of recent interesting links: Boys lead the way Economic Myths #10 – Taxes Benefit “Us” A Stoic Response to Beauty Moral Panic, Then and Now Why the Left Is So Afraid of Jordan Peterson I may consult you later