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Going for a Walk

Far be it from me – about 1473 miles as the crow flies providing there is no French air traffic control strike – to make any such claim as to the veracity of what is about to be now undertaken. But occasionally these things need to be aired and aired in public. That is what she more or less said to the judge anyway. He - being of a more open frame of mind than the judiciary were once renowned for - agreed there was some merit to her claim. However, he said that such open and frank displays could…

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Llamas and Bureaucracy – A Crisis in the Making

Still, I suppose you know what llamas are like. Most people these days have at least some familiarity with what was once regarded as exotic wildlife - at least in places far from their natural habit – through the medium of the TV nature documentary. Although, even these days, there are still some people who are surprised by the llama’s natural antipathy towards any form of bureaucracy. Many wildlife programme-makers have been somewhat lax in this regard, and not just with llamas. Often, they prefer to fill their programmes with sweeping panoramas of herds migrating across the great plain in…

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The Naked Gardener

Now world-famous for trimming her bush live on BBC3.142’s Naked Gardening, Herbaceous Seedling has become a horticultural media sensation. Countless millions of viewers have watched her uncanny prowess with handling a dibber on web video Sites. Her naked gardening DVDs have outsold not only the top-selling porn DVDs but also the recordings of semi-naked actors doing a bit of sweaty scything in historical dramas set in Cornwall. Many TV critics have put Seedling’s success down to the way her buds are always perky during filming, and how she holds the camera’s attention even when bending down for a bit of…

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The Device and its Uses

Sometimes it is easier to tell which way up it is by the noise it makes. But having said that, be careful to always replace it back on the stand provided. After all, you don’t want to get the blame when one of the attachments falls off and rolls under the bed when she is in the throes of… well, you get the picture. Or you should do if you have set up the integral camera properly. Although, many users have suggested you use the automatic settings that compensate for motion blur, especially if attempting to use video. Otherwise, as…

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21st Century Political Theory

Parkingspace Bewlideredswan is probably the world’s leading 21st-century political theorist. Political Science up until the middle of the Twentieth Century assumed that there was some point to politics. However, as events in the late 1970s proved, Left Wing political theories although they did sound nice, never did or could work. Alternatively, it was demonstrated over the following few decades that Right Wing political policies only buggered things up in different ways to those inept policies from the Left. As more and more people realised that politics was at best useless and at worse caused more harm than good, many decided…

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The More Advanced Fruit-Based Sexual Perversions

We have mentioned fruit-based perversions before, but for those wishing to further their understanding of these more esoteric deviations today we are going to examine some of the more advanced fruit-based sexual perversions. Such deviations as the Loganberry Run and the Strawberry Feel are, quite evidently, more for the summer months. This is especially so in the case of the Loganberry Run where the loganberry bowler will need a long run up before bowling the loganberries. That is if the receiver is to get the full erotic benefit from the event. With the Strawberry Feel, of course, the long light…

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Interesting Things 22/09/2018

A miscellany of recent interesting links: Who Really Killed Prince Albert? I was a hate-filled Class Warrior – then I came to my senses Why We Consume Negative News Goodies repeat their complaint... about a lack of repeats Seven tragicomic faces of Project Fear Clock Ticks Regardless How the Grateful Dead’s “Wall of Sound”–a Monster, 600-Speaker Sound System–Changed Rock Concerts & Live Music Forever Anything goes in the morally pure world of the Corbynites The Joe Rogan Experience #1107 with Sam Harris and Maajid Nawaz Off The Beaten Tracks: The Axeman Cometh, Part 1 But the BBC shouldn't be competing with Amazon and…

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Interesting Things: 15/09/2018

A miscellany of recent interesting links: Socialism Chic -- The Hot Fashion of Young Ignoramuses Stereotypes Are Often Harmful, and Accurate A Labour MP who won’t let Theresa May beat her on authoritarianism Yes Mr Jones, this is how democracy works Why students *heart* Stalin A Better Theory of the Human Soul Age is no Barrier Spelled out: The great degree swindle Carping about Amazon’s tax bill misses the point Women Attacking Men Is It Time to Regulate Social Media? Time is of the Essence or at Large The flight from feminism – why no one wants to work in…

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Interesting Things: 11/09/2018

A miscellany of recent interesting links: Killing the Planning System Will Indeed Save the High Street When Censorship Is Crowdsourced Can we reform our rancid political debate? Even High Street retailers don't think there should be an Amazon tax Feels of Steel Serena Williams has set back the cause of women’s equality See something, say nothing, do nothing:how the Grauniad became the Girthiad Down with compulsory calorie-counting! The Shamelessness of South Yorkshire Police Hate crime squads gobble up the cash as knife robbers roam free You don’t get to pretend you’re funny any more, Guardian fun-killers At least Herdwicks have the sense to get…

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Interesting Things 01/09/2018

A miscellany of recent interesting links: Of course we don't know what the AI algorithms do, that's the point of using them Diversity Quotas Kill Comedy Why can’t people in the UK access the website of the Arizona Daily Star? Why is a BBC executive calling for the removal of middle-aged white men from television? Why we need ‘free’ speech Frank Field - an odd fish but perhaps a great one? EU To End Daylight Savings Time – 0.02% Of Britons Voted Or Consulted The economic consequences of the culture war