All Nude Chicken Intriguing

A massive miscellany of hilariously surreal inconsequence.

This comedy collection tells you – quite possibly – more than you thought you needed to know about such diverse subjects as, All-Nude Chicken Intriguing, Underwater Cookery, Naked Orienteering and Weasel Appreciation Day.
it reveals the true stories behind how the SAS (Secret Accountancy Service) began, Worldwide Admire Your Own Genitals Day, homing wasps and the sexual peccadillo. It covers the latest in film, TV and celebrity culture and the latest scientific research into why weasels go pop and the intriguing mathematics of cupboard space.
It examines many other subjects such as the vibrant world of car park design, conceptual art, the life and times of opera star Hernia von Volenipples. With much, much more, including – frankly – rather too much about cheese.

[This collection was previously published as Tales of the Unexpurgated]

Book Categories: Collection, Comedy, Humorous, and Tales of the Unexpurgated.