The World’s Most Famous Pornstar

Rotorblade Trimquim first came to the world’s attention in the hardcore hot auditing action film Double-Entry Babes II, where her ability to reconcile a cash book whilst seemingly being brought to multiple orgasm by two well-oiled, well-hung studs became the most downloaded video clip on the internet last year, more popular even than the Three Kittens Who Look Slightly Like Mussolini, Hitler And Stalin Sitting In A Cardboard Box that web pundits had confidently clamed would be the most popular download in the entire history of the known universe. There is also solid evidence from doctors around the world that Trimquim’s video clip was responsible for a record number of RSI wrist injuries during that year too.


These days coming to fame – as it were – as a porn star is no longer career-limiting to the putative celebrity as it once was, in fact, now porn is regarded as only slightly more risqué than televised darts, been a porn star is seen as almost ideal (superficially slightly edgy, but in reality quite safe) chat show fodder, especially when the guest is wearing a dress she seems constantly on the edge of failing out of, and that she is capable – unlike many former porn stars – of uttering meaningful and, at least, (semi-)coherent sentences. All in all, much like any other chat show guest.