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Juggling Balls - High Resolution

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Such Sad Grey Eyes

She had such sad grey eyes, deep and unfathomable. I could lie there in her small bed, just lost in…

Modern professional contemporay commercial photography by UK photographer Tim Wallace of Ambient Life Photography

The Sandwich Uncertainty Paradox

Dirigible Spankmybotty first came to the notice of the world with his General Theory of Sandwiches. Up until then physicists,…


When the World was not Itself

Somehow, this world was not right. Lou knew there was something wrong, but putting her finger on that wrong was…

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About the Author

 Mr Person2bw

David Hadley was born in 1959. He is married with three children and lives in the Black Country, UK.

He worked in the building trade and the electric supply industry. He has been a rock musician, mature student, househusband and stay-at-home dad.